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Who are our clients?

Anyone, of any age, striving to meet the personal, sport, or professional challenges of life with energy, ease and finesse. Including:
  • Parents and grandparents trying to lose or gain weight, cope with child rearing and its impact on the body, reduce general fatigue, pick up anything including children and groceries, climb stairs, shovel snow, get in and out of chairs and cars, dance at weddings or just walk without pain.
  • Expectant and new moms training for the sport of motherhood. We will help ready your body to handle the process of pregnancy and delivery. Then we will be there to safely recondition you.
  • High-performance and weekend athletes trying to overcome performance plateaus, improve basic strength and skills, and prevent or overcome injuries.
  • Professionals, such as medical practitioners, professors, business travelers, physical laborers, body workers, students and desk jockeys attempting to stay mentally sharp, physically fit, out of pain, and full of energy.
  • Health challenged individuals dealing with weight problems, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, exhaustion, arthritis, irritable bowl syndrome, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, headaches, psoriasis, muscle strains, joint injuries, and back pain (including disc issues, stenosis, and sacroiliac joint issues).
We are here for you, we will keep you on track. The Body Tailor will constantly remind you that the basics of great health, beauty, and movement are simple, uncomplicated, and natural. It just takes work. Everyone is treated with kindness, patience, and respect.

Who is our competition?

Quite frankly, there is no competition. Only CHEK practitioners perform such detailed assessments and client evaluations. This removes any doubt as to which areas of the body need to be addressed and allows these areas to be prioritized according to the client's needs and goals. There is no guessing. Every stretch, exercise, stress reduction technique, nutrition and lifestyle recommendation or outside referral has a specific predetermined purpose to achieve a desired result. This method allows us to succeed where traditional methods often fail.

Paul Chek (above), raising the standards in fitness training to be the highest in the profession; and teaching his practitioners to do the same. The Body Tailor is ready for your challenges.
When You're Ready To Take Your Body Seriously…
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