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Our Expertise

Orthopedic Physical Examination
We don't guess, we assess. Using a wide range of diagnostic equipment and techniques (such as goiniometers, calipers, inclinometers, pressure sensors, EMG's, muscle testing, nerve testing, and more.) we can conduct a full, objective, physical range of motion evaluation. The resulting data will help us identify the sources of your health or performance obstacles, allowing us to target high priority areas in your movement plan. Our objective is to prescribe exercise and stretching/mobilization routines with surgical precision.

Movement Assessment & Consultation
We will evaluate and advise on ANY movements. Our primary focus is on 7 primal movement patterns necessary to complete real-life activities: Squat, Bend, Lunge, Push, Pull, Twist, and Gait. We use these as building blocks to coach the full range of movement challenges, from the simplest of tasks to most complex.

Nutrition & Lifestyle evaluation with counseling
Every human body runs on its own unique fuel mix. This mix must include real foods with a healthy balance of energy (calories) and nutrition (vitamins and minerals). Through an interview, questionnaires, food reaction evaluation, metabolic typing, and lab testing when needed, The Body Tailor will help you fine-tune your diet to suit your unique physiology and lifestyle requirements. We will show you how to eat nutrient dense food that satisfies, energizes, and naturally regulates your weight. Our guidance in making improvements to the controllable elements of your life like nutrition, hydration, rest, and physical environment, will positively effect your performance as a whole.

Complete Exercise Program Design
Exercise should address your real-life demands. Making an office worker do nothing but stabilized machine training is as useless as making a sumo wrestler jog a mile on a daily basis. The Body Tailor will plot the course and guide you through the active steps you need to take in order to get your training right. We will combine information from your physical evaluation with all areas of your health care, lifestyle, and/or sport specific training into a practical, understandable, and individualized training program. We will prescribe exercises--controlling all variables and giving precise attention to detail.

Fitness Training and Daily Coaching
The Body Tailor is your personal trainer. We provide daily support, motivation, and structure to your goals. We help you keep things simple and effective. We make sure that you're doing what you need to do, that you're doing it correctly, and that what you're doing is actually working. We are here for you on a regular basis. We are a friendly ear as well as a corrective coach and motivating leader. You will have all of our attention at every training session. We encourage you to ask questions, discuss any physical or emotional stress, feel revitalized, and be inspired by every single visit.

The C.H.E.K Institute:

The C.H.E.K Institute provides cutting edge, scientifically based educational programs for fitness and healthcare professionals. The Institute is known worldwide for excellence in education and innovation in the integrated fields of corrective exercise, high-performance conditioning, lifestyle, and stress management.

The Corrective High-performance Exercise Kinesiology Certification Program is an intensive dynamic study of kinesiology, physiology, functional anatomy, nutrition, stress management, orthopedics, corrective exercise, massage therapy, anthropology, alternative therapies and strength training.

Practitioners are trained to perform detailed physiological assessments and client evaluations as a mandatory prerequisite to designing any fitness or wellness programs. The multi-disciplined approach in these examinations allows the practitioner to locate the true source of a client's pain, debilitation, or lack of performance.

Paul Chek (above), founder, is a leading example of what he teaches. "You can only get people as healthy as you are". He's 100% natural, and continues to set the bar for everyone in the industry.

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