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The Complete Process

This process is guaranteed to be the most detailed, goal oriented, and successful Fitness and Wellness program you have ever been a part of.

Step One: The Evaluation
The evaluation serves as the foundation to your Exercise and Stretching Program. Remember, if you are not assessing, you are guessing.
  • Questionnaires outlining your exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, environment, health and injury history. Body Tailor Intake Form
  • An interview discussing all these factors, your goals and your expectations of our relationship.
  • A thorough physical examination will follow. You will experience a complete orthopedic range-of-motion and posture assessment. There will be a movement evaluation, including a review of the movement patterns needed for your life, sport or profession.

Step Two: The Training Program Design
The Training program is individually fashioned to meet your needs, abilities, and schedule. Sample Program
  • We are precise in choosing the exercises in your program. We have an intended outcome for every single movement used in our approach.
  • Your Personalized Training program will control every aspect of every exercise: rest, intensity, reps, sets, and tempo.
  • There will be an exact periodizaton schedule, outlining precisely what to do, and on what days to do it.
  • You program will be complete with pre and post exercise stretching and joint mobilizations.
  • There will be guidance in every one of your deficits, from food and water intake, to rest and recovery.
Step Three: Coaching
This is the key to getting results. You need to be supervised by a Body Tailor trainer at least once a week.
  • Simply put, the more time you spend with a Body Tailor Trainer, the more effective the results become.
  • We evaluate all your movements throughout every repetition. We require more attention to detail then any trainers you'll ever work with. This will accelerate results and virtually eliminate the chance of injury.
  • We make sure you are maintaining correct form in every movement in your program. We teach you to have an intimate understanding of when you are holding perfect form in each and every exercise.
  • We keep you motivated and on schedule. We ascend or descend movements on the spot depending on your performance and evolution. We determine when your body has adapted to the training program, and now needs a change in order to continue maximizing results (usually 3-8weeks).

With The Body Tailor as your coach, you will:
  • Move and perform better throughout life
  • Have less pain and injury
  • Have more energy
  • Look better
  • Have better health and vitality
  • Live longer and stronger
We design training programs for:
  • High-performance sports environment
  • Work or home challenges
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • General health improvements
  • Athletic teams and programs
  • Women specific strength training, including pre and post natal
  • Senior/young adult specific strength training
  • Corporate wellness
  • Group training
  • And More
All programs contain:
  • Stretching and mobilizations
  • Aerobic and anaerobic strength training
  • Nutritional advice
  • Lifestyle guidance
Our practice includes:
  • Wellness coaching
  • Healthy shopping, and simple cooking assistance
  • Nutrition and lifestyle evaluations
  • Corrective exercise coaching
  • Complete orthopedic range of motion assessment
  • Work or sport specific movement analysis and coaching
  • Personal training routine evaluation and advice
  • Group and sport training evaluation and consulting
  • Sport performance evaluation and consulting
  • Ergonomic office assessment and design
  • Integrative acupressure therapeutic manual therapy
  • Healthcare and therapy referrals
  • Bicycle fit and ergonomic bicycle design
  • Vitality building
When You're Ready To Take Your Body Seriously…
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